Sustainable Timber

About Totara:

Regenerated Totara is an excellent native softwood timber with a fine, even texture and beautiful finish. It has a rich light colouring giving it a smooth modern look. Totara is suitable for most end uses and is a natural choice as a feature wood for floors, walls, ceilings, joinery, furniture and cabinet making. 
Totara has good structural stability, with excellent machining and working properties. It bends well forming a predictable even consistent curve. Gluing and finishing totara is not a significant issue, with a modern range of excellent finishing products available.
Totara is naturally durable (chemical free). Totara heartwood is very durable in the ground; a 50 x 50mm stake would last in excess of 25 years, an equivalence to H4 Hazard class. The sapwood is considered to be relatively more durable than most other sapwood timbers and much more resistant to the common house borer.
Our Totara is fast growing for indigenous species, it is naturally regenerating and has a high biodiversity value making it arguably the most sustainable of New Zealand timbers. Totara has historic traditional values in New Zealand, and is still revered by Maori as being the best of all timbers to carve.
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