Most of our stock is in two grades - clear and feature, and is a mixture of heart, medium and sap.

It is possible to separate the colours if custom milling for an order. Please call us to discuss your requirements.


Heart Medium Sap
Sustainable totara timber - heart grade sustainable totara timber - medium grade Sustainable totara timber - naturally blonde grade  
  • Heart (H)
    The most durable totara timber, traditionally used for exterior joinery is recommended
    for exterior situations. Heart totara will last outside untreated for many years.
    The heart is a darker pink. There is a limited supply of heart grade regenerated Totara.
  • Medium Blend (M)
    Medium Blend is a transition containing a mixture of Sap and Heart.
    It has a lighter pink hue.
  • Sap (S)
    Sap has a pale honey colour. This grade is mostly used for interior applications.
    Treated sap Totara could be used for exterior cladding and joinery.


  • Clear Grade (C) 
    Clear is a high grade suitable for furniture and finishing work. Clear products are generally
    free of defects. 
  • Feature Grade (F)
    Feature grade is a multipurpose grade suitable for general carpentry, shelving and other
    utility applications. Feature grade features multiple solid characteristics. (
    For close-up
    examples of common characteristics please see Natural Characteristics).



Grades have been classified according to the New Zealand Timber Grading Rules, Group1: Native Softwoods.