About NZ Totara

Our philosophy: 

I guess you could say we are 'tree huggers' with a difference. We fell trees, but the difference is how we do it.

We are passionate about promoting ecologically sustainable forest management using site specific silvicultural practices. In plain English that means we use 'smarts' to help forests flourish to preserve them for future generations (particularly old growth Totara).

Once we have located a pocket of naturally regenerating forest, we hand select the trees we fell. The process of felling the trees creates space for new growth and revitalises remaining flora. This in turn provides a more hospitable environment for bird life and insects.

While the focus is on Totara, we also stock a range of other natives and exotic timbers including gum, oak etc

Our team:

Chris Kennedy has more than X years of experience in forestry combined with a qualification in forestry management. He heads up the team, using the latest technology to aerial map forests across Northland. Once pockets have been identified and permitted, he works with the team to hand select the right trees. Back at the mill, the trees are cut to typical industry dimensions and fillet stacked ready for the customer. 

Chris Kennedy